5 Best Winning Boxing Gloves Reviews (2024)

Do you need the best winning boxing gloves to pair with your training? Winning boxing gloves are considered the best in the entire fighting world. This Japanese brand has managed to earn its brand respect due to the quality of its materials and comfort.

Over the decades, they have been producing quality gloves. Winning boxing gloves have been used by champions Manny Pacquiao, Filipino, and Ma.          

Why are winning gloves the de facto standard for pros?

They do not redesign their product every year and have no gimmicky marketing. These incredible gloves are very popular with serious amateurs.

With the thumb lock feature Winning gloves have a professional look. These are considered the best gloves for inexperienced writers.

All winning products are made from high-quality leather. Pillow-like padding for extreme comfort. Although these gloves are expensive beginners start with inexpensive gloves.

But, if you want to learn to hit harder, choose winning gloves to protect your knuckles from the impacts. The gloves are of excellent design and value by boxers all over the fighting world.

I am sure after reading this guide and review; you will be able to choose the right product for you.

Best Winning Boxing Gloves Buyer Guide and performance Reviews

Since 1937, winning gloves have been in existence. The company provides top-notch products to boxers around the world. Here are a few features of the best-winning boxing gloves that make them unique among other brands.


The best-winning boxing gloves are manufactured from premium leather and horsehair. Great artistry can keep these gloves in new conditions after several years of use. The smooth premium leather folded over glove padding. The best Winning boxing gloves stitching is perfect for everything. It seems it is stitched by a machine it is Japanese culture. The gloves give a final finish.

Unlike other gloves, leather is neither too thick nor thin. Winning gloves do not have thin leather, but they can fold, which gives their users a luxurious feeling.

If you still do not believe in my words, buy one pair of these gloves for yourself. You will feel a huge difference between winning gloves and leather.

Weight and Padding Distribution

Sometimes winning gloves call pillows due to their unmatched protection. These gloves have amazing qualities to absorb the shock impact. These are lightweight, which maintains the balance when you hit harder.

The distribution of padding helps the hands to fold. As well as improve your punching position and keep you away from injury when you are hurt. These gloves have thick padding around the knuckles, back of the hand, and palm. What do you need more from gloves?

They provide super softness and protection, you will feel like you are punching clouds.

Design and color

The color of winning boxing gloves appealed to the boxers and made them shine. These gloves come in a wide range of colors from black to white and red to blue.

Also available in some other colors such as green, pink, silver, and grey. The famous Floyd May weather loves its aesthetics.

Furthermore, the logo on the wristband attracts the boxers and catches their attention.

Lining of Winning Boxing Gloves

The lining is a more underrated aspect of gloves. Winning gloves have the best coating in the world. These gloves have a super smooth lining, which makes it easier to put gloves on and off. Rough lining creates friction and snags your hand wraps more.

So, rough lining misplaces your hand during the session, which annoys the boxers. The winning lining is more breathable and prevents sweat inside gloves. You will love the lining of winning boxing gloves.


No brand can compete in comfort with winning. After a few punches, these gloves take the shape of your hand. These gloves are light in weight, so promote the comfort and safety of your hand.

If you want to spar in gloves and also want to save your hand from soreness, you must go for winning training gloves.

What makes it more comfortable? Let’s see some extraordinary features of these gloves.

●   Ergonomic shape

A shape that fits the hand of boxers. The ergonomic shape of these gloves gives a smooth feeling to the hands. The best-winning boxing gloves are best for your hands.

Anti-thumbing style

Among all the best boxing gloves, Brand Winning has the most comfortable thumb style. Superior craftsmanship and material are the secrets of these gloves’ comfort. Besides, the soft padding built a more curved thumb position around your thumb.

Smooth liner

The lining of these best-winning boxing gloves feels cool in temperature. It keeps the hands cool and fresh inside.

Smooth opening/closing of the gloves

After heavy workouts, boxers remove their gloves. If gloves are difficult to remove and put on, it can injure your wrist. The best Winning boxing gloves come with a closure system that allows easy put and take-off gloves. Its fit is not so tight, and your hand will not feel fatigued in the gloves.


The lace-up style of these gloves provides a secure and protective fit to the wrists. This means these are the best boxing gloves in every aspect.

Durability of winning boxing gloves

Best Winning boxing gloves are high-quality gloves that run long-lasting. Instead of gimmicky marketing, they pay attention to quality. These gloves speak for themselves.

List of 5 Best Winning Boxing Gloves

Image Name Notes Check Price
best winning boxing gloves Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600 Lace-up type
safe and best quality
Anti Thumbing Style
Check Price
best boxing gloves 2020 Winning Training Boxing Gloves 14oz MS500B Hook-and-Loop strap
Anti Thumbing Style
Check Price
3 Winning Professional Boxing Gloves 10oz MS300 manufactured by Winning in Japan
safe and best quality
Anti Thumbing Style
Check Price
4 Winning Training Boxing Gloves 12oz MS400 Lace up type
safe and best quality
Anti Thumbing Style
Check Price
5 Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz MS600B Hook-and-Loop strap
Anti Thumbing Style
Check Price

Must Read Our Reviews of Best Winning Boxing Gloves

Winning Training Boxing Gloves MS600 16oz

best winning boxing gloves

16OZ-winning boxing gloves come in a wide range of colors and are considered the holy grail of gloves. These gloves are perfect for the toughest shopper as well as for boxing shorts.

I called this winning model a black belt of boxing gloves due to its similarity with any McMartial arts belt. 16-OZ weight of these gloves makes them perfect for training on a heavy bag, sparring, and mitts.

These gloves have pillow-like padding, which provides balance to the hands.

Furthermore, the anti-thumb style of these gloves keeps the thumb in place. Unlike, Velcro strap lace-up style is a plus point for the weaker wrist. Also more breathable as compared to the Velcro model and built less sweat inside.

  • Anti-thumbing style
  • Provides excellent protection to wrist and knuckles
  • Lace-up models
  • These gloves are not fit for big hands.
  • Padding is not like the pillow.
  • A bit expensive

MS 500B Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves 14oz

best boxing gloves

These winning velcro training gloves are ideal for lightweight boxers. Winning 14OZ Velcro training gloves are a perfect solution for those people. Although these are expensive but worth the money.

Let’s see which features make these gloves extraordinary, among other models. First of all, the Velcro enclosure creates a tight fit above the hand wraps. These are lightweight, which keep the perfect balance for bag and mitt work.

These boxing gloves provide adequate support to hands, knuckles, and wrists. If you want superior comfort and avoid shock absorption must go for these gloves. Extra padding with a soft touch offers high-level protection.

  • Excellent weight and balance
  • Provides Knuckle protection
  • Made from high-quality leather
  • Good for skinny fingers
  • Over-priced
  • These gloves are not suitable for small hands.

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Winning 10 OZ MS 300 Professional Boxing Gloves

best winning boxing gloves

Winning 10oz gloves designed for mitts training as well as against the DE bag. They are built with thick and durable leather for heavy and uppercut bags. They have an exquisite look with a glossy finish and a distinct leather smell.

These gloves are manufactured in Japan and come in three colors Blue, Black, and White. Unlike other leather boxing gloves, their color will not fade.

Apart from this, the interior lining is a perfect combination of nylon and polyester. One fantastic feature of these gloves is their performance when hitting pads. Although these gloves are small in size but much better than you are expecting.

Furthermore, white laces below the thumb area will hold your hand. If you think these 10oz gloves can cause hand injury, do not worry, many. Manny Pacquiao has been using these winning gloves for a couple of years. Omit, these Japanese boxing gloves are the perfect choice for training purposes.

  • Best bag gloves for knuckle protection
  • High-quality leather
  • Well-constructed
  • No specific downside

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 12oz MS 400

Best winning boxing gloves

These 12oz winning boxing gloves blue are made for training. So it is not a real boxing match for your boxing competition in the ring.

This product comes in blue with a white color section under the thumb padded area. Unlike 10oz, these 12oz boxing gloves have more padding for a punching bag.

The craftsmanship of these gloves is excellent and manufactured in Japan. They are made from durable leather but super soft, which gives an impressive smell when it comes out of the box.

The lining of these gloves is made from a mix of nylon and polyester. Its padding offers a significant advantage as compared to other heavyweight gloves.

These winning gloves MS 400 is perfect for sparring purposes to push harder. Furthermore, these winning boxing gloves can provide the right balance during the session.

  • Anti-thumb Stopper
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent padding
  • Fit only for training purpose

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Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves 16oz

best winning training boxing gloves

16 OZ Winning Velcro training boxing gloves version is present for heavy hitters. Working out on a heavy bag of over 200 pounds, they provide excellent protection to the boxer’s hands.

These gloves come with a Velcro enclosure for easy removal of the gloves. But this design provides less wrist support. This issue is not only with winning gloves, all Velcro gloves also have the same disadvantage.

The mesh palm of these gloves is breathable, which keeps your hand cool after a workout.

  • Superb quality
  • Mesh palm for ventilation
  • Provides great wrist protection
  • Overpriced
  • Velcro closure is not good.

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Bottom Line

I hope that this winning boxing gloves guide will provide an answer to every question in your mind. To sum up, people with delicate hands will have a great experience with these gloves. These are best for beginners and for those who face soreness and pain in their bones.

Its leather, stitching, and padding are all perfect for mitts and heavy bag work. Although Winning is an expensive brand but worth buying.


Why should I choose Winning Boxing Gloves?

Aside from this fact, these gloves come from a renowned brand and offer a great experience. The ergonomic interior design is excellent for those who are in the learning phase. Besides, you will feel safe with your hands while winning boxing gloves.

For what purpose can these gloves be used?

Winning gloves make for sparring, but 160z is also perfect for heavy bag workouts.

What kind of fighters should buy them?

Some boxers wear these gloves only for status. If you are hitting the bag twice in a month, you do not need the winning gloves. But, if you are training, then you should buy winning gloves for your session.